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Target your school sports curriculum with a memorable experience for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils of any ability

Fantastic, an enjoyable experience which enabled the children to work together and learn about a way to keep fit and respect each other. Mrs Q – Year 3 teacher, Salford

Welcome to the home of Balestra Sword Fencing, where we are proud to offer safe and fun sword fencing days for schools which will leave your pupils exhilarated about this ancient Olympic sport.


We offer a fun experience using specialised kit which allows people of all ages to access the sport safely and quickly in a non-threatening manner.


In addition, our modern coaching methods and the fact that the coach is also a qualified primary teacher further adds to the high quality of our service.


But that's not all, because we also offer a range of FREE PE lesson plans as a thank you for visiting our site, which have all been planned and delivered by him with a further guarantee of quality.