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Why is sword fencing good for primary school pupils?

It suits any ability or gender 

One of the best aspects of sword fencing is that EVERY pupil can access the sport whatever their ability or gender and my own teaching methods and experience ensure that all pupils' needs are catered for.

It provides a great sense of achievement

After years of teaching the sport I can say firmly that It is a fact that a pupil doesn't need to win a single match to feel a great sense of achievement because the different skills such as the en garde position are an achievement in themselves!  In fact, often the 'best fencer' medal winners have hardly won a match but have shown great style and skill!


It teaches respect for opponents

Many people are aware of the links with chivalry and fencing, where opponents would salute one another before a match, even in the past when they used to often fight properly! 


This is brought forward to the modern day with this same honour system that has existed for many hundreds of years.

It is a great alternative to team sports

As a person who struggled at team sports myself I can vouch for the value of letting children experience a sport that focuses on the individual and their skills and achievements..


and finally ...

It is fun, exciting and VERY, VERY safe!!!

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