Balestra Sword Fighting

Balestra School Sword Fencing, providing quality sword fencing for schools in the following LEA areas:

Manchester, Oldham, Tameside, Bolton, Liverpool, Salford, Wigan, Sefton, Trafford, Stockport, Bury, Knowsley, Halton, Rochdale, St Helens, Warrington (we also travel further afield in accordance with our additional mileage policy)

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School testimonials

"What an invigorating session - it has been great to have such an engaging sport in school that allows both boys and girls to start on the same footing and succeed equally.  It's been especially nice to see my girls doing so well."


S Robb, Y3 teacher, Salford

"I loved the way that every child in the class could feel a real sense of achievement regardless of ability or age!"


Head teacher, St Frances

"Fencing taster days have worked well in our schools as an alternative activity to inspire those pupils who aren’t interested in traditional sports.  The instruction was excellent and the pupils learnt new skills whilst having fun.  We are lucky to have a fencing club nearby which was promoted during the sessions; even without this it’s still a worthwhile day."


Howard Shore, Partnership Development Manager

 "This was a very good value day for any school looking to offer enrichment activities for all pupils. For a very good price around 150 children experienced a sport that they have only seen on the TV.  Darren also delivered a follow up staff meeting which enabled the staff to learn a new skill and also get rid of some tension! A real success."


Deputy Headteacher, Gorton

"Very impressed.  It was clear that the children's confidence, hand/eye coordination and self reliance was increasing more and more as the session went on."


D Davey, Headmaster, Branwood School